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Program Installation

Questions and answers relating to program setup/installation.

I'm having trouble installing and using Addit! Pro with Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista. Any suggestions?

I have strange problems related to the installation of Addit! Pro. Help!

Setup (or Addit! Pro) can’t find Prepar3D. Help!

I'd like to reinstall Addit! Pro without losing anything. How can I do this?

The Setup program does not install anything it just opens a browser window to

The Setup program is having trouble installing some files. Is there any other way to get them installed?

Immediately after running SETUP.EXE I get the error "Failure Writing to the System Registry. The registry may be corrupt, or you may not have the required permissions to write to the registry."

I tried everything but I'm still having problems. Any other ideas?

General Troubleshooting

Questions and answers relating to general program usage.

I get an error when I try to select addon files to install. What should I do?
Applies to:
"Error #430: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface."
"Error #429: ActiveX component can't create object."

I get a type mismatch error when I start Addit! Pro. What can be done to fix this?

In the Select Addon Files screen I see a list of hard drives. Mine shows a:, c:, d:, e:, f:, g: and h: but I actually have c:, d:, e:, f:, g:, h:, k: and zip drive l:. How do I show all my drive buttons?

I get an "oversize database" error message when Addit! Pro completes the startup scan.

When I try to move a column header the program crashes. Help!

I get the error 'unrecognized database format' when I use Addit! Pro.

When I try to install an addon I get some weird run time error 430, "Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface". Help!

The box where I pull down drives does not work right. What can I do?

Some parts of Addit! Pro screens seem to be cut off when using the default Windows XP theme. Can this be fixed?

The program takes a long time to load, 30 seconds or more, and performs slowly thereafter. What's causing this?

I'm getting the error "Component XXXXXXXX.OCX not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid.". What can I do?

Addon Troubleshooting

Questions and answers relating to addon installation, management and removal.

Please walk me through the installation of an addon.

After choosing Install An Addon, I see the Select Files screen. I can highlight the files I want to install but can't go any further. Help!

I installed an aircraft but it does not appear in Prepar3D.

I tried to select a new panel for one of my aircraft but the panel was not listed. What's going on?


Questions and answers relating to product registration.

Can I register using PayPal?

Where is my Product ID? I can't find it.

How do I register Addit! Pro?

I lost my unlocking number. How do I get a new one?


Questions and answers to issues that are not listed above.

What's the best way to backup the program?



Our walkthroughs show you how to install an actual addon in words and pictures. The Walkthrough Examples area has complete installation guides for aircraft, missions, panels, scenery and sound addons.

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Addit! Pro Help System

Did you know Addit! Pro contains a complete Help System? Just Press the Help button or F1 on any Addit! Pro screen.

Other Documentation

Two other files may have answers to your questions: Readme.htm and Register.htm. You can access both documents using your Windows Programs list.

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