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Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator 2000

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Version 4.5.1

Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator 2000 is a full-featured addon manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.  With Addit! Pro you can:

Easily install, manage and remove adventures, aircraft, flights, panels, scenery, situations, sounds, textures, videos and more.
Archive addons you are not using.
Modify aircraft, panels and sounds.
Automatically update Flight Simulator's scenery library.

To learn more about Addit! Pro, select Introduction.  For a complete list of features by category, select Features.  Select Requirements to make sure you have the necessary hardware and software.  For a look at some of Addit! Pro's screens, go to Screen Shots.  Select Download to download the latest version.  To upgrade from a previous version, select Upgrade. Select Register to register Addit! Pro online or to learn more about the registration process.   For a complete list of changes and revisions, select Revision History.

Please visit the Support area if you need help or have any questions.



Download Now!

What are you waiting for?  Experience full control over your fleet of aircraft, collection of panels and scenery today!

Visit the download page to download the latest installation package.

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Online registration through SWREG is fast, easy and secure.

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Other registration options are also available.


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