Addon Managers For
Flight Simulator X
and Prepar3D

10 Benefits You Can Only Get With Addit! Pro

Fast and Easy Addon Installation

The hassles of unzipping addon packages and copying files to the correct locations are a thing of the past. Addit! Pro gives you the power to quickly and effortlessly install aircraft, panels, sounds, scenery and more.

Addon Management Power and Flexibility

With Addit! Pro you can disable addons to hide them from Flight Simulator and improve performance. Addons can even be archived into storage or removed completely, with safety checks to ensure other addons remain intact.

Import Existing Aircraft, Panels, Sounds, Scenery and Missions

Import your current addons into Addit! Pro so you can manage them. Recreate any addon to share it with friends or to archive it.

Problem Flagging and Fixing

Conflicts and configuration problems are identified for you and in many cases Addit! Pro can correct errors. Examine an addon's health to ensure it runs properly.

Amazing Customization

Tweak Addit! Pro to your liking, change its appearance and startup behavior. Sort lists by any column, perform searches and create printable reports. Context menus are available for just about everything.

Scenery Library Management

With Addit! Pro there is no need to locate, arrange, prioritize and enable the scenery yourself during installation, the program does it for you. Scenery installation has never been easier! You will always have total control over your scenery library with the robust scenery library editor. You can even assign pictures to scenery.

Handles All Types of Addons

Addit! Pro will gladly tackle aircraft, adventures, A.I. airport and facilities data flights, flight plans, gauges, missions, panels, scenery, skins and repaints, sounds, textures, videos, weather and more!

Powerful Addon Management

Rename addons, enter descriptions, rate addons on numeric scale. Get an addon health report, examine addon files in detail, review documentation, view image files and play sound files, all using a convenient central interface.

Aircraft Fleet Control

Addit! Pro's aircraft management gives you the power to quickly assign aircraft and panel pictures and change panels and sound packages with a few mouse clicks. Create aircraft variants, quickly access configuration files, checklists and reference files. Addit! Pro identifies configuration file errors and can generate a report explaining the problems.

Superior Help and Support

Press F1 (or click the Help button) on most screens for immediate guidance. Go online and look for answers in the knowledge base or view our walkthrough guides. Of course, you can always contact us directly for help.